Run and Shoot is the story of three people with bitter pasts whose lives intersect on the football field. High school football coach Ted Henry just wanted to win a state championship so he could live up to the expectations of his legendary father. WR JaMarcus Mitchell had witnessed his older brother gunned down on the street in his Jefferson Heights neighborhood. QB John David Prescott seemingly had the world by the tail, the son of a Nike Exec and a golden right arm. All three are worlds apart, but they'll need each other to find redemption from their individual pasts.

When John David loses his starting job at Lincoln Central, his overbearing father Bill lets loose on coach Flip Altieri and John David is left with no place to play his senior year. Bill soon convinces Coach Henry to dust off his high-flying run & shoot offense and start a program at Rockhurst Academy. Coach Henry's simple task: win it all.

The story unfolds with multiple twists as each character begins to unravel the past ordeals that held them back and unite to light up the scoreboard on Friday nights. When an old acquaintance from JaMarcus' old neighborhood resorts to violence, it seems that the Rockhurst Pirate's championship dreams will almost certainly be derailed. There's no question they'll be tested… can they step it up and bring home the ring?
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